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Rates & Services

Wedding Film Features Standard Package £2195 Supreme Package £2595
Second HD Camera Operator Cross Tick
Bride & Groom's Morning Prep Cross Tick
Evening Cover Tick Tick
15-25 Minute Cinematic Film Tick Tick
Wedding Trailer Hosted Online Tick Tick
Full Ceremony & Speeches Tick Tick
Up to 3 copies of your film
(You choose - DVD/BluRay/USB)
Tick Tick

Standard Package

This, the most popular of our two packages is a one camera operator package but will usually include the use of a second camera during the ceremony and up to four during the speeches if the room layout allows for it. The last thing we'd want is to put cameras everywhere and overpower your wedding day but on most occasions it is easy to discreetly place these cameras to ensure they are well hidden.

Neither of these packages are limited to a certain amount of hours of filming and David would never leave the wedding until he is confident that he has all of the footage required to provide you with the best possible wedding film. Filming will typically start around 2 or 3 hours before the ceremony time and finish after the first few dances in the evening. The finished film will be delivered in bespoke packaging and consist of DVD's, BluRay's or USB drives... whichever you'd prefer.

Assuming it takes place at the same location as the ceremony

Supreme Package

Well... you only get married once, so why not?

Rideout's top package features a second camera operator for the full day and also allows the morning preparation shots to be captured regardless of their locations - perfect for multi venue or church weddings

If your wedding including the preparation is all taking place at one venue and you have less than 120 or so guests it is usually not necessary to opt for the Supreme package however the one advantage of doing so would be the fact that having two camera operators all day allows us to capture twice as much footage and be in two different locations at once. Like the Standard package, the Supreme allows you to choose the formats of your finished film whether it be BluRay, DVD or USB and it all comes packaged up in our rather lovely bespoke packaging.
If you are having trouble choosing between the two packages or would like to discuss a more bespoke option then please do get in touch.