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A selection of the feedback & testimonials from some of our many delighted couples. 

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Louise & Paul Read Full Testimonial
Treasured memories to keep forever!
Louise & Gary Read Full Testimonial
When it came to us booking our own videographer for our wedding we didn't even have to think twice!
Sara & Gary Read Full Testimonial
We received our full video this week and it exceeded our expectations, we cried and laughed.
Grace & Greg Read Full Testimonial
If you are considering booking David for your wedding, then you're wasting time! Book him NOW!
Sophie & George Read Full Testimonial
We had such high expectations for our video and you surpassed them all a million times over!
Daisy & Louis Read Full Testimonial
Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said about Rideout Films but there is a reason that every review is 5 star..
Emmeline & Ashley Read Full Testimonial
Put simply, there is very little else that you will treasure so dearly from your wedding day than a Rideout Film!
Emma & Kim Read Full Testimonial
We HIGHLY recommend David from rideout films to anyone who is looking for the very best of a videographer
Gemma & Stephen Read Full Testimonial
We haven't stopped watching it and family/friends are so impressed!
Hayley & Terry Read Full Testimonial
If you're planning a wedding, yours or otherwise, the first thing you need to do is make sure Rideout Films are available on your preferred date. If they aren't, then change the date.
Anna & Robbie Read Full Testimonial
Without question, choosing Rideout Films to document our wedding was the single best choice that we made for our big day.
Lucy & Lee Read Full Testimonial
Such a fresh and unique way of capturing a wedding!
Jo & Dick Read Full Testimonial
He is an Industry award winner for a reason - and is way ahead of the competition
Keely & Jon Read Full Testimonial
As for the wedding film.. There are simply no words to describe how amazing it is!
Lauren & Terry Read Full Testimonial
This was definitely the best money we spent on the whole wedding
Katrina & Paul Read Full Testimonial
Having a videographer at our wedding was one of the best decisions that we made. After seeing what David has produced it has become THE best decision.
Ami & Jamie Read Full Testimonial
I never even considered having the wedding filmed until we came across you at my cousins wedding and was blown away!
Lucy & Lloyd Read Full Testimonial
If anyone is ever in two minds about spending the money we would have spent 10 times what we did to have our wedding dvd from rideout films.
Laura-Jayne & Reece Read Full Testimonial
Wow is the only word that could come out of my mouth when I watched our wedding film for the first time.
Katie & Stu Read Full Testimonial
David is a great laugh and clearly amazing at what he does and has captured the memories that we'll be able to watch over and over again.
Lauren & Paul Read Full Testimonial
stunning doesn't even come close!!
Louise & Daryl Read Full Testimonial
You were totally unintrusive on the day and got so much natural footage which is just as we wanted.
Hayley & Rob Read Full Testimonial
You have a true talent at capturing some great moments whilst being unobtrusive making everything seem natural.
Julie & Mark Read Full Testimonial
My video is my best keepsake of the wedding
Lucy & Paul Read Full Testimonial
David's work after is beyond comparison from anything else I have seen.
Mary & Thomas Read Full Testimonial
If you do not choose Rideout to film your wedding, it will never be as good as it could have been.
Gemma & James Read Full Testimonial
all we can say is wow
Simay & Mehmet Read Full Testimonial
above all - memories will fade, but the video will be the thing we look back on that will keep the day alive in our minds and hearts
Leigh & Stefan Read Full Testimonial
Let’s put it this way, if there was a fire in the house one of the first things I’d grab would be our wedding dvd. Stefan and I will still be watching it when we’re old and crumbly.
Kerry & Daniel Read Full Testimonial
There are no words… sobbing at my desk!
Karli & Joe Read Full Testimonial
I wasn't sure what to expect but you exceeded all expectations by a million miles. It is perfect!
Sylvester & Natalie Read Full Testimonial
The moments that you have captured are simply breathtaking and we truly can not believe how utterly amazing it is.
Louise & Jamie Read Full Testimonial
You have captured such precious beautiful memories that will be treasured for a life time. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart
Louise & James Read Full Testimonial
I cannot describe how delighted we are with the end video. His talent and passion shine through and we have a film we will always cherish.
Ann & Martin Read Full Testimonial
We were very last minute in arranging a videographer but turns out it was the best decision we made.
Helen & Mark Read Full Testimonial
Your Rideout wedding film will become one of your most treasured possessions. It is a perfect reflection of the happiest day of your lives.
Jackie & Matt Read Full Testimonial
The two bridesmaids we have shown the DVD to said it was the best wedding video they have ever seen. One said she burst into tears!
Kerrie & Dan Read Full Testimonial
Both Kerrie and I would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to David at Rideout Films for capturing our wedding so spectacularly on screen. Nothing staged, nothing planned, just a true reflection of what happened.
Emma & Warren Read Full Testimonial
Everyone said how beautiful the video is and commented that it is the best wedding video they had ever seen
Kelly & Paul Read Full Testimonial
I will recommend you to all friends that get married in the future although from speaking to lots of people it appears that you have a great reputation locally, so many have used you!
Kerry & Rob Read Full Testimonial
There is so much to decide when arranging a wedding, so let us help you out by ticking one thing off of the list – BOOK THEM!
Sarah & Dan Read Full Testimonial
If I were you I would book them asap to secure your date. If they are already booked on your day, change the date of your wedding!
Katie & Fredi Read Full Testimonial
The DVD is outstanding, so unique and unlike all conventional wedding videos, like our family and friends have said it is a dvd you actually want to watch over and over again
Nicoli & Adam Read Full Testimonial
We hardly noticed they were there on our wedding day, and we could not be happier with the highlights clip and final film. Everyone has been completely blown away by it!
Maria & Paul Read Full Testimonial
We swiftly emailed the clip to our family and friends, all of whom came back advising that it was so beautiful and captured the day so perfectly that it brought them to tears!
Michelle & Simon Read Full Testimonial
We have lots of compliments from family and friends on the high standard of the DVD and some people said it was more like watching a movie than a wedding video.
Emma & Steven Read Full Testimonial
Your attention to detail is excellent, we truly believe every guest was captured in the footage and we thoroughly enjoy watching the DVD to relive our wonderful day. Certainly something we will cherish forever.
Zoe & Dan Read Full Testimonial
They captured the whole day making it look just as special as it felt! We have recommended them to everyone we know. No one has been disappointed.
Felicity & Jason Read Full Testimonial
Our DVD we received was amazing, it captured every moment of the day that was important to us, telling a great story that we can watch forever.
Amy & Jamie Read Full Testimonial
All our friends have said how professional it is – like a real movie! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!
Kelly & David Read Full Testimonial
We first became aware of Rideout when we watched the highlights clip of a friends wedding. Up until then we never thought we’d have a videographer. It was outstanding. Not like any wedding video we'd ever seen!