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Hayley & Terry

Hello people of the internet, here's the bottom line. If you're planning a wedding, yours or otherwise, the first thing you need to do is make sure Rideout Films are available on your preferred date. If they aren't, then change the date.

I'm serious, David is THAT good.

Your wedding day will always be special, but David takes that word 'special' and totally blows it out of the water. By the power of talent which borders on witchcraft and bloody hard work, he manages to capture every single moment of your day. You won't even realise he's there, but when you see the finished article, you'll be mesmerised. He doesn't miss a single thing and that's certainly not something to be underestimated when you consider your wedding day is upwards of 10 hours long. Quite simply, there is nothing or no-one better out there. This has of course been proven by Rideout winning the title of "Best Wedding Videographer in England" in 2014 but far more important than that is the service you get when he's actually with you. On the big day. In the moment. Like for example when it's all happening, you're going out of your mind with nerves, your brother is still in the shower, the buttonholes haven't shown up and this guy just calms you down, gets the perfect shot(s) and afterwards your big day looks like a Hollywood blockbuster. When we played our high-def blu-ray at home I half expected Will Smith or Julia Roberts to enter stage left. The finished films are that good, I kid you not. We cannot recommend Rideout highly enough.

Thank you David You made the best day of our lives just that little bit more memorable

Love Hayley & Terry Lancaster