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Karli & Joe

Hi David,
We received our films yesterday! Thank you so much, it was so much more than what we were expecting, When you watch the trailers of someone you don't know its a completely different feeling to watching yourself.

I wasn't sure what to expect but you exceeded all expectations by a million miles. It is perfect, there were things on the film that we had no idea were going on or that we did ourselves.

I felt I had blank areas of the day and the film has done more than fill in those spaces!

You are so talented and I wouldn't even want to ask where you start and piece it all together, I cannot tell you how much it means to have all of those moments in one place that we can watch whenever we want. 

Each time we've watched it (which is quite a few already)I notice something I didn't before and your music choices were incredible! The last song has been in my head since the day the dvds arrived!

Thank you so much!

Karli & Joe

P.S - My Dad told me to pass on that you're a legend!