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Sarah & Dan

We feel so stupid that hiring Rideout was one of the last decisions we made as we were not going to have a videographer! Thank goodness by chance we saw a friends 'highlights' clip and then decided to look into having our day filmed.

We have been to many weddings and seen many wedding DVDs but none like this one. The editing is amazing, like a film. We, our family and friends have already watched it numerous times at family parties, friends birthdays, afternoon lunches, the list is endless, everyone has loved it and cant believe how professional it is. The editing of the speeches was unreal, focusing on each guest as they were being spoken about and seeing their reaction, such wonderful memories. The best part is that no one at our wedding even knew Rideout were there on the day, including us! This was one of my main concerns when booking a videographer, but I should not have been worried at all. In fact upon saying goodbye in the evening to David and his partner my exact words were 'I had forgotten you were even here'!

This is not a company that simply point a camera in your direction and press record. Personal, professional, beautiful, unique and treasurable is how we would describe our footage from Rideout. Literally an amazing company, could not recommend them more, it is 100% worth the money.

If I were you I would book them asap to secure your date. If they are already booked on your day, change the date of your wedding!