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Danielle + Jack | Love is Simple…

Thursday 27th June, 2013

Danielle and Jack have been fans on the facebook page for a long time and I often see Jack's name popping up and liking trailers that I put online. When the time finally came round for their big day I felt a strange pressure knowing I had to deliver the goods! Thankfully, the wedding was to be at Gaynes Park so I had no problem there! The place is just spectacular and never disappoints. Even when it rains (and boy, did it rain) the staff are so accommodating and efficient that things just seem to take care of themselves! 

Danielle and Jack were upbeat despite the miserable weather and they had a break in rain for about an hour or so after the ceremony which enabled them to get all of the photos that they'd dreamed of when booking the venue. 

The evening looked amazing and the guys had laid on the works (even the illuminated dance floor courtesy of Lovelight Entertainment that Jack had arranged as a surprise for Danielle...!)

It just goes to show, whatever the weather, if you gather your friends and family around you and fill a spectacular venue full of love, everything will be just right. Simple.

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