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Kerry + Daniel | The Little Things

an Orsett Hall Wedding Film

Tuesday 23rd September, 2014

"We always say that the little things make life and love special.

It's not always the exciting times or the big gestures, it's the bad times.

The bad times you don't get to see in photographs that get you to the next happy one.

It's the little things that only we know about each other.

I don't love you because of the big gestures. I love you because of the million little things you never knew you were doing"


Now that ladies and gentleman is what I call a slice of fried gold.

When Daniel spoke to me before his speech and said he was nervous about whether or not he'd deliver a speech that not only did Kerry proud but provided enough voiceover material for me I told him to stop being silly. I always tell grooms that worrying about voiceover content should be the last thing on their minds during their wedding day and to just give their speech as best they can and then let me work my magic with it. On this occasion, Daniel provided the magic! In fact both Kerry's Dad and the best man also gave beautifully heart-warming speeches that left me spoiled for choice when editing their full film.

Kerry has kindly complimented me on my work for some time so I certainly felt the pressure when their big day came around, even more so when Daniel explained that they had booked their wedding date around my availability. This was truly touching to hear and as well as making my head inflate slightly, it made me even more nervous so I really hoped the finished product would do their beautiful wedding justice.

Judging by the six emails I received this afternoon after sending Kerry the trailer link, I'm glad to say, it did!

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