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Rebecca + Scott | Aishiteru yo

a The Lawn Wedding Film

Venue: The Lawn
Wednesday 8th January, 2014

When talented wedding photographer Scott Johnson of The Edge Photography asked if I would film his own wedding to Rebecca at The Lawn, I was thrilled. No I wasn't. That's a lie. I was nervous... Flattered, but very very nervous. It's always nerve wracking filming for of any industry peer or even your own friends and as I count Scott as both of these things, I knew I wouldn't get much sleep the night before the wedding. I was so nervous that I turned up to the venue a full 90 minutes earlier than we'd agreed, which is becoming quite common, but I'm so glad I did as I could move around the stunning venue at my own pace while nipping upstairs to film some more bridal prep when I pleased. That is exactly why I love it when a bride gets ready at the ceremony venue. It's not laziness or worrying about traffic between the house and the venue (well, the traffic does play on my mind), it's simply that I can get so much more footage than I could if I were rushing between venues, enabling me to pick only the very best shots to include in the film.

Rebecca and Scott's wedding was massively fun to be a part of. It was largely friends over family (which is ironic considering the very strong family bond that runs throughout the full film and trailer centred around Emily, Rebecca and Scott's recent arrival) but having so many friends present (including photographer friends Lee and Paul) meant that you were never far from the next practical joke or cheeky remark (especially when Lee was close by) and it made for such fun relaxed footage.


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