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Stefan + Leigh | You Haven’t Got To Marry The Guy…

a Gosfield Hall Wedding Film

Tuesday 3rd June, 2014

When I first met Stefan and Leigh to discuss their Gosfield Hall wedding film I was struck by their enthusiasm and excitement, even though we were well over a year off of the wedding! Fast forward to May 2014 and I got just what I expected when I walked in and greeted Leigh whilst having her hair done... her now obligatory shriek and seal clap of excitement! 

At first I decided not to share this trailer on the blog as I'd only just posted another Gosfield Hall trailer and I didn't want to 'over-Gosfield' you! (Can you ever have too much of that venue?!) but as editing progressed I was touched by so many of the sentiments expressed by Stefan and the other speakers that I soon started to change my mind. 

I'll let the video do the rest of the talking but do keep an eye out for Leigh ever so slightly blowing her cool and letting her excitement come to the surface when she first saw her truly remarkable wedding cake!


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