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Victoria + Brett | Inseparable

a Gaynes Park Wedding Film

Monday 26th August, 2013

Victoria and Brett were married on the hottest day in history anywhere on the planet Earth. At least that's the way I remember it, I haven't researched and I may be wrong.

Victoria had requested that she would prefer me to film her guests arriving instead of her getting ready in the morning and I knew in advance that Brett was shy and wasn't going to give a speech. Alarm bells were ringing quite early on when I didn't think I'd have much dialogue to use as a voiceover/narrative but Victoria stepped up to the plate and delivered a brief but fantastically heartfelt speech which gave me everything I needed. I particularly enjoyed editing such an upbeat track to a more sombre piece of dialogue about absent loved ones. This was a real challenge but I think I got the blend just right and the overall feel of the trailer is very uplifting.

I filmed this wedding on my own which is sometimes difficult but when I realised just how laid back, fun and friendly Victoria and Brett both were I knew that it wasn't going to be a challenge at all. Working with Justin Bailey is always a pleasure and he is by far the most laid back photographer I know so this really was fun wedding to be a part of.


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